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October 7, 2008
By admin

In the enterprise environment, having an effective Windows environment requires a large technology investment and employing the help of skilled engineers and technicians. Maintaining a robust, reliable and performing infrastructure takes analysis and planning. Leading publications surveying IT executives revealed common trends and priorities for CIOs and other IT executives. Top among them were: aligning IT with business needs and priorities, accuracy of information to comply with government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, network security, measuring the value of IT investments, and IT governance. Needing to remain competitive, manage costs and improve IT efficiency, they continue to invest in new ways to manage the infrastructure. To be effective, their investments have to take the complexity out of Systems Management and enhance organizational flexibility.

When adopting new solutions, two issues that IT executives must address are improving operating efficiencies/cost reduction, and increasing the speed and flexibility of business. Thus, their IT organization adds value to the enterprise and is not just a cost center. According to Forrester, improving the efficiency of IT operations is a priority for 61% of SMBs. Looking at the larger picture, some of the drivers dictating IT spend priorities are: increasing efficiencies, reducing resource consumption, ensuring a quick integration/ implementation process, reducing the cost of maintaining the infrastructure and accelerate results that correlate to existing business needs. Among the highest priority are several IT Optimization initiatives such as standardizing processes, introducing new applications into existing IT infrastructure, and improving utilization of hardware and software.

CionSystems plays an important role in helping IT executives and their organizations tackle some of the issues discussed above. We designed flexible solutions that allow IT departments to maintain control of their networks while removing the burden of repetitive tasks and chasing errors. Our solutions free the IT resources that can be in turn better utilized supporting core business functions. The products are intuitive, user friendly, and easy to implement because they don’t require any specialized training. Our Active Directory Manager offers real-world help to reduce the complexity of the native directory tools and give users access to their resources anytime, from anywhere. With it, users will immediately improve the efficiency and eliminate the time spent chasing errors, searching through logs. The Active Directory Reporter provides help with regulatory compliance by offering a large library of preset reports, which can be customized to specific requirements. Improving operational efficiency and reducing the IT infrastructure maintenance costs means knowing when changes occur and what those changes are. Our Active Directory Change Notifier and System Information & Comparison products are ideally suited for that process.

CionSystems technology simplifies the Windows Server environment, so the IT Optimization is fast and easy, and the resulting solutions are inherently scalable.

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