Exporting of GPO’s Manually using command prompt

April 2, 2018
By Razi

By some reason if the Export from CION GPO Manager doesn’t work, You can export the GPO Manually.

The reason can be because of the special characters introduced  in the OU’s or domain objects etc

Login into your domain(Eg : ciondev.local) with local administrator account

Please create a folder in your domain with name Test_export100 in your c drive.

Open the command prompt and run the below command and after successful run , goto the folder and check for the folder Test_export100, you should have the folders and the xml file.

cscript “C:\Program Files\CionSystems Inc\Group Policy Manager\Scripts\CreateXMLFromEnvironment.wsf” c:\”Test_export100″\\”Test_export100″.xml /TemplatePath:c:\”Test_export100″\ /Domain:ciondev.local /dc: WNCIONGPO9230D IsOpenPrompt: False

Note : WNCIONGPO9230D is the name of domain controller and ciondev.local is the local server

Run this below command afterwards, goto the folder and verify if it has the migration xml file

cscript “C:\Program Files\CionSystems Inc\Group Policy Manager\Scripts\CreateMigrationTable.wsf” c:\”Test_export100″\\”MigrationTable1.xml”.migtable /Domain:ciondev.local /AllGPOs /Overwrite IsOpenPrompt: False

If the above process is successful, you find the folders and xmls  in the Test_export100 folder

Continue the Import from Cion GPO Manager

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