Cloud Identity Minder Provides Self-Service, Strong Authentication, and User Life Cycle Management

June 25, 2014
By Razi
Now you can adopt SaaS application without the need to provision or share Login IDs and passwords. CionSystems Cloud Identity Minder simplifies the deployment of SaaS applications by eliminating the need for complex provisioning and synchronization. Users authenticate using their preferred login, without exposing their password to external parties. CionSystems Cloud Identity Minder can be deployed as a cloud service, in intranet or extranet scenarios or hosted environment. Affordable and flexible pricing is available in both subscription, per use, and traditional licensing models.
CionSystems Cloud Identity Minder is a cloud or on-premises identity, authentication, self-service and user life cycle management solution. CionSystems Cloud Identity Minder integrates SaaS and on-premises applications, without the need for custom coding or synchronizing user names and passwords. You no longer need to add custom code for each Identity store. The solution provides self-service password reset, auditing, notification, workflow and more.
Applications are not dependent on a specific identity store. Applications and cloud services do not need to share user ID’s or passwords. Identities stay within the confine of existing location (on premise or cloud). This speeds deployment, simplifies operations, reduces compliance overhead, and improves security. CionSystems Cloud Identity Minder can be deployed internally within the enterprise, in the DMZ, externally hoed or in the cloud.

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