Enterprise Identity and Governance Suite

June 23, 2014
By Razi
Enterprise Identity and Governance Portal, formally CionSystems Enterprise Self-Service, is a lightweight,easy to deploy, and simple to use Identity Management, Self Service, Delegation, and Compliance suite.Unlike more complex and expensive alternatives, there is no need to deploy multiple, dedicated,servers. CionSystems’ solutions deploy in hours, and give users and administrators a complete, fully featured solution CionSystems’ Enterprise Self-Serviceunifies on-premises, cloud, and Office365 identity. Everything needed is including, pre-built, and ready to go. This is a true, out of the box, solution. With a web portal,easily configured workflow, notifications, backend connectors, CionSystems Enterprise Identity and Governance Portal delivers unified management and self-service for users, groups, and credentials.User can manage their entire identity and membership lifecycle. Administrative, operational, and compliance overhead are greatly reduced. Workflow creates consistency, automates time consuming tasks, and enforces policy.

CionSystems’ Enterprise Identity and Governance Portal supports multiple, back-end, repositories:
• Active Directory
• AzureActive Directory
• Office 365
• Google Apps
• Sales Force
This facilitates a variety of use cases, including migration, credential synchronization, provisioning, self-service of users, mergers and federation. Enterprise Identity and Governance Portal can also interoperate with multiple Active Directory instances.
For example, some typical scenarios include:
  • Standardize and enforce access privileges (e.g.: administrator, power user, manager and user)
  • Self Service – users can update their profile, manage group membership, change passwords, etc.
  • Group membership portal
  • Span multiple back end stores Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, OpenLDAP
  • Self Service password reset: Users can reset and unlock accounts without Helpdesk interaction
  • Synchronized accounts across multiple repositories:
    • Local Active Directory Domain
    • Windows Azure Active Directory
    • Office 365
    • Multiple internal or external Active Directory Forests and Domains
    • Google Apps
    • Sales Force
    • Workday
  • Audit and attestation via logs, reports, and notifications
  • Automatically notify users, support staff, and operations staff to enhance security:
    • Locked out users
    • Passwords about to expire,
    • Inbox size exceeds threshold limit
    • Successful or unsuccessful password reset attempts
  • Prevent Office 365 account lockout via flagging pending password expiration
  • Provide multi-factor authentication. and one time passwords
  • Automatically reset expired passwords
  • Email real-time reports (e.g. – password audit, mail status,unlock, etc.)
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