Microsoft Server Patch for ASP.Net 4.0 for fixing IE 11 issue.

January 3, 2014
By admin
Recently, we upgraded IE browser to IE 11 to try and test our application compatibility with it. But the irony is that a site built with Microsoft technology working with every competitor’s browser but not working with IE 11. We found some issues related to UI alignment, _dopostback and imagebutton click. Previously, we faced the same issues with IE 10 as well. Those issues are addressed by adding IE browser file in app_browser folder in the project or by installing a hot-fix for ASP.Net by Microsoft. But we have not found any IE browser latest file for IE 11 support. Recently, Microsoft released a hot-fix to resolve this issue. Click on below link to download the Server Update for ASP.Net 4.0 to resolve the IE 11 issue.
Download Link
Refer this article to to know more about this issue.

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