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Active Directory Self-Service version | CionSystems Blog

Active Directory Self-Service version

February 14, 2013
By admin

CionSystems Active Directory Self-service,,  extends  Self Service and delegated management to group membership.  The solution is fully integrates email based notification and requests and  supports both Outlook and non-Outlook clients.  With this solution, you can manage all your groups –both security groups and Distribution Lists – including adding and removing members, and applying workflow to group lifecycle management.

Simplify access control for SharePoint and Windows File Shares.  Local admins do not need AD Expertise to manage access to their resources and to provision and de-propvision users.  Automate requests for access.  All grants and denials of access rights are tracked via a full audit history. Reports clearly show status and historical information regarding all access requests.  Both Reporting and Workflow are customizable.  The simple, web based, interface supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and mobile browsers.

Password changes are synchronized with Office 365, including changes made by help desk and administrative staff via ADMC or other tools.

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