Sony’s security challenges are a warning to all industries

May 9, 2011
By admin

Sony recently lost millions of credentials and personal user information such as credit cards, addresses, birth dates and other personal details.  In the wake of Sony’s hack attack all organizations should be vigilantly keeping records and reviewing every change taking place within the IT infrastructure.

Past experience has shown hackers use a compromised user account and then spend time in gaining elevated privileges. Once this is accomplished they make small changes over a longer period of time to remain undetected until they are able to gain the access to the data. Most likely the hack attack with Sony probably happened days and weeks ago. You can’t stop the hacking of digital distribution platforms but you can build redundancies into your technical infrastructure that notify administrators immediately of changes taking place within the IT environment to stop malicious activities from becoming a catastrophic event.  A current and consistently revised road map is fundamentally core to keeping your organization agile and ready to best handle any hacking activity.

Being proactive and forward thinking with your technical infrastructure can give administrator and technical leadership the agility to get in front of malicious technical events before they cannibalize the total integrity of your product offerings and services. All it takes is a moment of oversight to lose total reliability. If you haven’t already sat down to update your technical infrastructure then now is the time.

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