Critical Services Outage

May 4, 2011
By admin

The recent Amazon cloud services failure has taught us that just moving to the cloud is not the final solution for maintaining a secure and low cost infrastructure. 

The rapid adoption of cloud services will have to take a back step for a while until companies like Amazon can show how it plans to grow beyond its cloud services failure. No matter how many cloud data centers you have or redundancy’s you put in place you are still putting all of your eggs in one basket by not working with multiple cloud services or an on-premise hybrid. Establishing hybrid infrastructures of on premise and cloud based services will most likely remain a primary strategy of larger enterprise customers. I do not think this recent gaffe with Amazon will change the rapid adoption of the cloud for smaller enterprise class users. Some companies can afford the black eye but why take a chance when your company’s credibility is at stake.

 Sites that depend on cloud services should not be blaming the provider of the service but rather themselves for not doing a diligent job planning ahead for this type of event. No matter how many guarantees you receive about the resilience of a cloud service you should always have a backup plan independent of the one making the guarantees.

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