Enhancing Enterprise Value

April 12, 2011
By admin

The evolution of the cloud and on premise technology is providing enterprises with dynamic opportunities to lower IT cost while gaining redundancy, availability and disaster recovery at a fraction of the price.

The cloud has been transforming the on premise environment for businesses of all different sizes. However not all BPOS (Business Productivity Online Services) adoption is seamless. CionSystems can make this adoption of hybrid environments that engage BPOS easy.

CionSystems builds Identity and Access Management solutions. CionSystems has recently released solutions to simplify migrating and managing users and data on BPOS. They are great for hybrid environments. These solutions automate and extend the on premise infrastructure to BPOS. Download our Cloud identity and migration tool to see how simple it is to move and adopt BPOS without the hidden cost of migration and management.

CionSystems services work for enterprises of all sizes and eases the pain of dealing with information that needs to be kept compliant and in synch between on premise and BPOS cloud.

CionSystems is committed to making IT solutions that can enhance and manage the most challenging technical environments for on premise and the cloud. Are you moving to BPOS or staying on premise? CionSystems can help!

We offer a free 30 day trial and support for running any number of our products. Please send any support requests to support@cionsystems.com. Our team looks forward to assisting you.

Download a trial version of CMT (Cloud Migration Tool) or Self Service.


*we will match or beat all competitor price quotes!

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