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September 29, 2010
By admin

“Active Directory SelfService”

About 1 in 4 calls to IT help desks result in assisting users with password resets and account unlock requests. These types of requests often are avoidable and eat up precious organizational resources over time. CionSystems SelfService is something organizations can implement to eliminate requests for account unlocks, password resets, changes to user profiles, and group membership changes.

CionSystems offers a simple user and administrative interface for quickly managing account information. SelfService is for both the user and administrator to manage accounts anytime in a cost efficient and secure manner that directly impacts the bottom line. SelfService simplifies your IT processes and streamlines your account functionality with passwords, outlook changes and self updates for profile, group membership and other mundane tasks.

SelfService is an application that is web enabled and scalable for all environments. Through a simple to use interface notifications can be sent to whole organizations about password expiration, users hitting exchange inbox size limit despite the physical location of employees. Users have the freedom to customize non critical attributes without having to ask for direct approval from administrators or help desk staff. With a graphical display for Administrators you will be well on your way to seeing real time change as users self register.  Administrator can view the audit trial of every single change including password changes made by who, when, where and what.

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