Server 2008 Backup

October 7, 2008
By admin

Recently, someone asked about that Windows Server 2008 Backup feature and I wanted to include a quick note about it on the blog as well.

The Windows Server 2008 Backup feature can be installed separately, and has a couple of subsets- Windows Server Backup and Command-line Tools. Through the helpful interface you can run your scheduled backups, but there are some changes worth noting:

-only direct attached storage (disks) with NTFS formatted volumes can be backed up
-you can only select to do a backup for an entire disk volume (even if you choose the Custom backup type). Yeah, it’s an all-or-nothing type of deal
-you can’t pick individual files, folders or Windows system state for backup
-you need to have a different location for your target backup
-you can no longer perform a backup to tape

Windows Server 2008 Backup has many new features and Microsoft does a good job of outlining them in the on-line help- check it out for more on this topic.

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