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Active Directory Manager Pro

September 15, 2010
By admin





“Active Directory Manager Pro”

AD Manager Pro - Video

CionSystems offers a unique web based interface rather than the traditional native interface. What this means to your Active Directory and Identity administrator is that they can access and know the state of Active Directory securely from anywhere.

CionSystems Active Directory Manager Pro has an easy to use interface. The main ADM Pro “dashboard” screen is used to give you a comprehensive overview of the state of your Active Directory configuration. Within seconds you can look at users, OUs, groups, log on status or log on attempts by people.

Transient users, transient groups, simplified access management,  bulk provisioning and de-provisioning and group management and new reports are just some of the new features with CionSystems Active Directory Manager Pro. If you find that the reports offered in AD Manager Pro just don’t meet your need please check out Active Directory Reporter where we offer hundreds of unique reports to fit your varying needs.

IT Administrators face the challenge of managing Active Directory almost every day. Managing a complex LDAP infrastructure can be easy. I encourage you to visit our site and take a test drive of the product for yourself.

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