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CionSystems – Recovery | CionSystems Blog

CionSystems – Recovery

August 24, 2010
By admin




“Active Directory Recovery”

 Anything from human error, malicious events or unforeseen environmental catastrophes can wipe out your critical system infrastructure. Having your critical systems crash is unacceptable when your customers deserve the best from you. Having systems go down for 24 hours or even days is unnecessary when you can back your systems up with CionSystems Active Directory Recovery.

CionSystems offers an easy-to-use web-based solution for fast, online recovery. Active Directory Recovery Manager empowers you to recover from inadvertent deletions or changes in seconds, not hours. The online, granular restore capability allows you to recover without taking AD offline. In-depth comparison reports highlight what objects and attributes have changed or been deleted in Active Directory. This allows IT administrators to conduct efficient, focused recovery at the object or attribute level. Having accurate backups and fast recovery enables you to reduce the time and costs associated with AD outages and decrease the impact on end users.

 Implementing the right tool for comprehensive protection is critical to turning major problems into minor restores. If your Active Directory is significantly damaged just restore your entire domain. Don’t fuss or fight with nasty situation.


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