Quick note about Group Policies – Server 2003 vs. Server 2008

October 7, 2008
By admin

A major issue in Server 2003 implementations of Group Policies is the huge amount of space they take up. For each Policy, there’s a corresponding .ADM file. The .ADM file supports only the English language, and it’s also 3.5MB in size. Not much right? When you consider that for each policy you have, there’s a new .ADM file and another 3.5MB, you can see how this can get out of control. For example, let’s say you have 200 policies– that’s 700MB of extra data that you have to back up. Even if you only have 100 policies, that’s still 350MB.
Server 2008 offers a new way of dealing with this issue. In Server 2008 you can use ADMX files, which are based on XML- more lightweight by comparison. With the new ADML files, you now also have multiple language support.

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