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CionSystems – Change Notifier

August 6, 2010
By admin

“Change Notifier”

IT professionals who work with Active Directory know this can be a very beastly experience. However what’s troubling is change management for manage and unmanaged changes. It is imperative for IT professionals to know the changes that are happening to active directory, for example administrator group membership, accounts creation and deletion and so on not just from Audit/Compliance point of view but from Security point of view. Active Directory is the central repository that controls the access.

There is a way to have better change management control on Active Directory and avoid security or otherwise failures. One solution is to backup your IT team with a lightweight Change Notification tool that gives an immediate heads up of managed and unmanaged changes. Being informed allows you to act quickly and efficiently to known and unknown changes including any malicious activities and keep your critical systems healthy and safe.

Proactive policies can save your IT folks a lot of pain and lost productivity. If you have been hit by the security issues and or are apprehensive about security then visit for Active Directory Change Notifier.


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