Common SSL Certificate errors while migrating from one server to another

October 10, 2019
By shareef

So here are the important points for configuration of SSL certificate if we are changing the servers and location.

1. The SSL certificate should be removed from the source server.

2. Remove the SSL from Microsoft Management Console (mmc) it will reside in the personal folder. Shut down the server.

3. Create new Certificate Service Request of the new server (destination server) and paste the content in the rekey and manage box under csr.

4. After saving the file Godaddy will release the new ssl certificate.

5. Login to Godaddy account and download and save the zip file.

6. Install and configure the SSL certificate on the server.

7. After successful configuration bind the certificate with your website.

Note: Location of server makes no difference here whether it is in USA or India.

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